AdTec Logger Boots for Men and Women

Logger boots were designed for those in the logging industry so have special features – they need to have superior traction hence the high heels and rugged oil resistant outsoles with deep lugs to provide support and traction on wet , slippery , uneven terrain or scaling trees.

AdTec offers a great variety of Loggers, the black color made  in full grain oiled leather and the brown color in crazy horse leather. We make steel toe versions, soft toe ones, styles with waterproof membranes, styles with waterproofing, styles with 200 gms insulate for warmth in cold conditions, electrical hazard certified ones, even a 500 degree fireman logger for use in brush fires.

Each style is very well made using the Good-Year welt type of construction which is the toughest and best for long term durability. Styling is attractive with either one piece outsoles or having the traditional wooden look insert on the midsole of the heel and the insert between outsole and insole.

Work Logger

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